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Hi everyone,looking for some good insight /advice.

Heres the currently a manager at a restaurant and recently gave a 3 weeks notice im leaving the job.I was offered a position at another restaurant and decided it was time for a change.

The place im currently im a short order cook incharge of kitchen operations and staff.
Its close to home and im very comfortable now a few years in.reason im leaving is i need something new and a change of scenery ,something tonpush and motivate me more than i am now.

I was offered a job at a fine dining restaurant that will pay me more money and i get to work in fine dining kitchen again,wich excites me.
I will also handle the bar and write up a bar menu.The job is far but it seems so exciting.

I refused the offer of more pay when i gave my 3weeks notice and said im set on going on to learn new things and change up my routine.

Then the the owner (current job im leaving) offered me partnownership at his establishment .he told me he could find another cook /manager to help him do my job but that it would be really hard to replace the combination of attributes ive brought to the table.He continued to explain that he has many projects to expand his business,wich is doing well btw,and all of the include and require me.He explained he needs and wants my help so thats why he put this offer on the table,because i have the hustle,know how and dedication.

Now,how exactly does this work?
If im required to put in money into his business,how much?
Tho i highly doubt he will ask me for money to buy in

What i do bring into his business is energy,youth,hard work and passion but how much does that really get me?
I know it willbe a small % and new job title and responsibilities but what am i really getting into if i stay and accept this interesting offer.


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It is time for you and owner to have an uncomfortable, straightforward, no question unasked, conversation. 

In other words, talk to him, not us. 

The percentage, pay, etc will be what you two decide it is. How does he see the partnership? If you have the responsibility, do you have the authority? What would be different about the partnership than the way things are done now? what does this mean for both of you financially? 

If you have no money to invest, how do future plans include you and in what way for how much money? Will he expect more time invested by you? Do you have access to all financial records? What do you see as a full partner? What does he see as a full partner? Is he expecting you to give up your time off to be a partner? How will raises happen? How will financial loss be handled? 

Will you be making planning decisions as a partner or fulfilling his decisions? Will this all be in writing? Is he set up as a corporation and will you become an officer of the corporation or something else? 

     Was any of this ever brought up before? why did he choose your leaving to bring up partnership? 

First you might need to decide if this is a realistic option for you. Do you want to improve your skills or become a partner in a business? 

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I need some advise.

I had a hard time figuring out what to do with my life I realized the only thing I love doing is cook so I went to culinary school out of school I started working at a casual dining restaurant chain I worked there for about three years before trying to get promoted. With in my first year I went from line cook to first cook. I worked hard everyday staying late filling in shifts even when i was on vacation I would come in and help out. They refused to promote me with out reason and said I would have to be patient and wait. After 3 years went by and i went no further I decided to try out out another Chain restaurant i applied as KM and was told they wanted to evaluate my skills because I had never held the position before and they hired me as a first cook. With ina year I got promoted to KM. Durning my training the training stores managers gave me a hard time every day saying I should already know certain things about the position or company already and constantly put me down. Mind you I haven't been with the company for a year yet. I stuck it out hoping they were giving me a hard time because i was only with the company for such a short time. I then got assigned to my restaurant which so happens to be the restaurant I started with. Prior to becoming a KM the GM and I had gotten along great and constantly said I'm going to make a great KM. But now it seems as tho he dislikes everything I do. He constantly tells me the crew doesn't respect me and that I'm not doing my job. Mind you being a chain restaurant they are bing on guest surveys and my kitchens has the highest guest satisfaction for food in the district and 3rd in the company and has be constant since I've been there also food cost is on point. The kitchen is clean and organized there are issues with ppl calling out or not showing up. I've been told not to talk to them about it that the GM will handle it also I'm not being involved in hiring the GM makes the decision and I'm not to make any write-up, I'm not allowed to choose who my first cook/ sou- chef is and I'm not allowed to do the schedule. I've been told that the issues with ppl not showing up is my fault and I'm the reason for it. I decided to speak with ppl despite the fact I've been told not to and they all have told they aren't showing up because they have either told the GM they can't work the shift or when they got hired they didn't have this day or these shift as an availability to work and there is is with the GM and not me and that they all are glad to have me there. What can I do about this and how should I approach this situation
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