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Alain & Marie LeNotre Culinary Institute

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Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of the school? And how (as ar as level of instruction) does it compare to schools such as Le Cordon Bleu (Paris), CIA and Johnson & Wales? I did look at the websites for all the various institutions. The LeNotre school is fairly new. Just 4 years old I think. I really can use all the help I can get in making my decision.
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There is no such statement. Here is what they say!

This program is designed for beginners with little or no skills. Students will be introduced to classic and innovative cuisine where they will learn techniques of garde manger, cooking in low and high temperature, smoking and freezing. They will also learn how to accomplish advanced techniques and skills in traditional and innovative ways of cooking like "sous vide". Upon completion of the program, students will be technically prepared for a variety of roles. Many plan to operate their own restaurant, catering business or be employable as the Chef de Partie, or Sous Chef de Cuisine, with the goal of becoming Chef de Cuisine.
Culinary Institute LeNôtre is located in Houston, Texas, a city with a relatively inexpensive cost of living for you while attending Culinary Institute LeNôtre. Houston is a multi-cultural city, rich in diversity and alive with energy. The people are full of optimism and festive spirit. Houston offers a creative landscape with its outstanding performing and visual arts, theaters, and museums. The countless restaurants, hotel, catering companies, and country clubs offer a multitude of opportunities within the hospitality industry. At Culinary Institute LeNôtre, out-of-state students pay the same tuition as students residing in Texas.

Their student Career Services Coordinator provides orientation and support for you even after you graduate. This includes assistance with resume writing, interview skills and continuous job assistance and placement. Students have the opportunities to do internship in their own gourmet restaurant Kris Bistro & Wine Lounge within the heart of the institute.
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