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I was happy to see one of my faves in the "Challenge." Dispel the myths, share your tips, i.e.

Salted or unsalted?

Peeled or unpeeled?

Choosing your eggplant:

Do you go by weight, male or female (myth or truth) re bitterness/seeds, etc.?


Checking for ripeness - do you apply thumb pressure, or otherwise?

Favorite eggplant dishes?

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We have eggplant at least once a week when available. We usually make a roasted vegie salad. We toss the EP, brussel sprouts, peppers, or whatever is around that's fresh. in a little olive oil, season and in a 500 deg. oven. goat, feta, etc. some balsamic. done!

Pick. They are best picked before they ripen all the way. There should be a small vine nipple and sliced off the vine.

Store. Best way to store fresh EP, is not to store it. If it's a must, then wrap in plastic and keep in icebox. couple days max.

Prep. If the EP has ripened it will have a lot of seeds. I usually remove them.

         I usually peel and slice lengthwise  1/2 to 1" thick. Then spread one layer on sheet pan and salted with kosher salt. Flip & more salt.

         When there is sufficient juice extracted I rinse and cube. I do the same for parm. but not dice.
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