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I have been looking to get a good all-purpose knife. I am an avid home cook at home and have decent knife techniques. I am an average sized (5'11") right handed guy and I currently own an okay chef knife and a random 7" santoku. I have found myself leaning towards the santoku rather than the chef's knife just because the one I have seems to maintain the edge better for longer. However I have recently read an article bashing santokus and Japanese knives in general so I am at a loss on what to go for. I was going to go for a shun santoku at the $250-$300 price-point, but I have heard that they are overpriced and not as good as they claim even though the etching looks great (if I could get one with a nice look that would be cool, but not at the sacrifice of quality or sharpness).

My (not-so-important) Preferences:

Can anyone recommend me a great all-rounder knife? I am not the best at sharpening, so I would rather have a knife that keeps an edge for longer before I have to sharpen/send to sharpen. I would want a knife that an amateur like me could learn to sharpen rather than something really difficult. And I have heard Japanese carbon blades are prone to rusting (I do love the look of a nice Japanese knife though), so I would rather a knife that has some element of stainless steel in it to resist rust is possible.

Overall, I do not mind whether I get a French, German, Asian, or Non-branded knife. I just want the best I can get in your opinions for an all-around knife for up to $250-300. I can always learn to use it, sharpen it, or maintain it (the criteria above does not matter as much, it is just a preference). I am by no means a professional; I am a cooking hobbyist.


Thanks in advance for any help!
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