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I'm introducing myself because it seems kind of odd to not do so, I suppose haha.

I'm a relatively new pastry chef (graduated officially in 2014, working in pastry a couple years longer than that), though I've been actively cooking in commercial kitchens since 2010.

I've competed in a few competitions, and done fairly well, though I know a lot of chefs who don't appreciate that as any sort of achievement haha. I most recently competed in nationals alongside another chef, where we were required to create three courses using a quantity of specific sponsor products, and only seasonal produce. I personally enjoy doing competitions because it allows me to be a bit more creative with my food and to experiment with pairings I might not otherwise have used, and I enjoy the pressure, which is quite different compared to the type of pressure you undergo during service.

In my downtime I usually have my head stuck in recipe books and plain old novels, and I'm guaranteed to almost always be listening to music.

This is a great concept for a website, I'm glad I stumbled across it, and I look forward to broadening my knowledge, as well as hopefully teaching some people what I've learnt along the way!

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Welcome chef we are glad you joined. If you would be so kind as to post a review of the culinary school you attended we would appreciate it. Let me know if you need some help with posting your review.
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