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And what about ceramics?

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I am a young single guy who loves to cook for himself, friends and family. I am looking to buy a new set of ceramics knives. I used to have kyocera but they lost their sharpness in less than a year. 

What can you recommend? Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!
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Many multi layered blades are available, especially with a VG-10 steel core. These blades can have upwards of 129 layers. They look spectacular. However, that wonderful look does nothing to improve the functionality of the edge, and very quickly, the surface of the blade will get scratched up and look awful. It can only be restored by polishing out the scratches and then chemically etching the surface with a very powerful etching acid. I do not think it is worth it. However, the Tojiro F-808 is not a Damascus blade and it will wear scratches as badges of honorable work.

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