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And what about ceramics?

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I am a young single guy who loves to cook for himself, friends and family. I am looking to buy a new set of ceramics knives. I used to have kyocera but they lost their sharpness in less than a year. 

What can you recommend? Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!
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I would stay away from Indigogo stuff, the Misen for one.  Your Misen might very well never arrive, or come with an additional charge, and here you would be much better off with a Fujiwara anyway, same steel but a much better profile, and likely a much better grind also.  Tojiro DP is another standby in that price range.

For about 2 bills you can have a 210 Geshin Kagero or Kohetsu HAP40.  The super-steel of these knives hold a good edge long enough that you can send them to a professional sharpener once a year.  Last your lifetime and oh so much nicer than your ceramics.  Small investment considering the performance, convenience, and how much we spend on food.

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The only reason it got this much attention is because of the hoars at SE lending their praise for it, though it boggles the mind that this meant $400k to a $25K asking in just a few days, with still better than 3 weeks to go.

1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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