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And what about ceramics?

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I am a young single guy who loves to cook for himself, friends and family. I am looking to buy a new set of ceramics knives. I used to have kyocera but they lost their sharpness in less than a year. 

What can you recommend? Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!
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Maybe not every year but I am willing to buy new ones every three/four years if I can find a set that's worth my money.. Know any brand?
Are you willing to learn and then try to sharpen your own knives?

Well I could do that for Steel for sure!!

What's your budget?

Less than €200

What type of foods do you normally prepare and cook up?

Nothing too specific far away for common fruits and veggies. I also cook meat and fish but need no butchers.

What is the largest number of people you cook for in a single cooking session in the course of a month? In a year?

From two to ten. Never more than that.

Where in the world are you? (the question - and the answer - is important, since availability of knives, cutting boards and sharpening supplies is highly dependent on what country an individual lives in - and we get inquiries from around the world).

I am from Italy, in a little village in the south so I will most likely buy my knives online

I hope we hear back from you.

Galley Swiller
Thank you very much Galley!!!!

I am a passionate crowdfunder. I am actually checking a couple projects on Indiegogo that do knives and I may find something interesting!! I am no pretentious. I need something functional to my needs. And a set would be preferred for various needs (bread, meat, big and small veggies).

I am starting to consider steel lol /img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gif
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Hey guys wait a minute.

This is not spam nor a shill, as I'm not trying to sell anything here. I'm sorry if you felt used.

I was trying to understand how experts would feel about this product.

And, Galley Swiller thanks for your honesty, your review is much appreciated.
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