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anglaise-based choc mousse

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Went to a demo by a Valronha rep and she mentioned that their mousse recipes, which she promised to forward and didn't, are anglaise-based, rather than a sabayon kind of thing. Anybody ever try this? I have been making a ganache the day before I need to make mousse to lessen the chances of chocolate chips. I may give this a whirl and see what happens.
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Im not sure if this is what you want, but I make this at work instead of making a bavarian from scratch...also have recipes for the diplomat and chiboust..

20 oz hot anglaise
2 1/4 # semi or milk choc
8 gelatin soaked & drained
2 # cream - stiff peak
Add choc and gelatin to anglaise and mix well and cool to room temp and fold in cream.

4 1/2 # pastry cream - room temp and beaten smooth
2 qts cream - beat w/ 10X to soft peak
14 oz 10X
24 gelatin soaked, drained and melted
1 # melted semi choc - optional
Add gelatin and choc if using to pastry cream and fold in cream.. We use this for a fraiser at work..make i full sheet with the metal frame.

1 pt milk
2 T sugar
6 oz egg yolks
2 T sugar
3 T cornstarch
8 oz egg whites
13 oz water / 4 oz water
6 gelatin soaked and drained
Boil milk & sugar, mix sugar ,starch and yolks and temper milk and bring mix to boil and strain and cool to room temp. Bring sugar and water to 240 degrees while beating whites to stiff peak..add sugar to whites and beat stiff and shinny. Add whited to pastry cream mix..

choc-4 oz choc + 2 T rum
coffee- 2 T coffee + 2 T kahlua
praline- 2 1/2 oz praline + 2 T rum
Or you can replace the milk with OJ etc..
I will try to attach some pictures
1, anglaise mousse
2, diplomat
3. pumpkin chiboust
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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