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Another Knife Advice Thread..

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I hate to create another thread asking which knife to get, but I've done a lot of research and there's just so much information I feel I have to ask my specific questions. I'll try to answer all the standard questions so it's easier to make a suggestion.

I'm a home cook from Miami, Florida (US), making dinner on weekdays; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekends. I don't have to cut through bone. I cut a lot of vegetables, (including hard ones like butternut squash and sweet potato) and I like to cut up my chicken before cooking so it does so faster and more evenly. I don't peel anything, really, except the squash.

I'm currently using a zwilling twin signature 8" and a 10" chef knife my stepdad made the handle for (he's a carpenter) but he got the blank off ebay. No idea what kind of quality it is.

I'm looking for a workhorse chef knife, and think I want something larger than 8". Budget is $200. I feel I can care for high carbon the way it needs to be taken care of, but I'm open to stainless as well. I don't know whether I want a euro style chef knife or a Gyuto knife.

As for sharpening: I've been sharpening my knives for about a year with an EdgePro Apex kit I was gifted, but I felt I was getting inconsistent results. With that system its hard me to to take away consistently across the whole length of the blade, and on both sides. From reading here I also feel like I was using too low a grit. Always going from 120 to 600 (four grits) before giving up because it takes me a half hour per blade. Also, I wasn't honing (I recently got the green elephant ceramic rod), and keeping the knives in the kitchen drawer with other cutlery which I feel was taking away from the life of my edge. They have their own drawer now.

Today I took my knives to a professional sharpener, and before coming here that's what I thought I was going to continue to do. However, when I asked he told me he was using a 4 pad machine to sharpen and can only do symmetrical blades. I haven't used the knives yet but wasn't terribly impressed. I'd like to continue to take it to a professional because of the time investment it takes to sharpen myself, so if anyone in Miami has any recommendations I'm open ears.
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Wow, thank you Galley for that in-depth response. I will be taking another look at the way I use the edge pro. Everything you said makes a lot of sense and I see it solving my issues with the system. I appreciate your time.
I have carbon and stainless clad and monosteel knives. It doesn't matter all that much to me. Not nearly as important as shape, curve, thickness, hardness, ease of sharpening.

It's about looks. Some cladding is easier to maintain like a wide bevel or monosteel. Stainless clad is a little more work to make it not look like butt after thinning. Then again I use my knives and i dont care what they look like unless im reselling.
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Thanks for the perspective Million! I appreciate your input. I've learned a lot from you in other threads as well.
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