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Any salt snobs out there?

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How much of a difference would this salt make in a recipe?

Luc H.
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I'm on a sodium restriction which basically means I try to consume the FDA suggested amount of sodium which at the time I started eating this way was 2000-2500 mg  That's a little over a teaspoon of salt for the whole day in everything you eat and drink.  Seems they're now recommending less than 2300-2400 mg/day. I'm usually under 2000. The average US sodium intake is in the range of 3500-4000 mg. 

So yes, I season with salt as I cook. Salting just at the end doesn't produce enough flavor even though you can often get away with a little less salt over all. I don't think these specialty salts have enough distinctive minerals to really differentiate in the final product at the levels I salt. And a finishing salt is something that's not even in my diet concept. I can get more flavor impact with less or no sodium from hot sauce, flavored vinegars, vinagrette, citrus and such at service. Instead of salt, i might reach for Parmesan to get as much other flavor as I can besides just the salt flavor depending on the dish. 

My daughter describes things as having "that fast food flavor" (high salt/msg) since she's not accustomed to the levels of salt in the average US diet. 
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