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I recently bought my buddy a nice knife as a birthday present and was thinking about upgrading my Forschners (I was waiting to see if I could train my wife to take better care of knives first. I thought after 11 years I'd finally gotten there, then she dropped my 10" chef a couple days ago which landed point first. I am tired of waiting I'll just lock the good knives up or something)

anyways, the first step is a good cutting board I think. I was looking for an end grain board because I understand they are easier on the blades, then I saw this design and wanted to know if anybody had tried one and what they thought.

It is the "newton prep master" from Boos. It's side grain which I don't prefer, what caught my eye though was the graduated groove and drain area on the meat side. I've wanted to incorporate something like that for years (I used to do big bbq each year for work and always wanted this kind of setup on a large scale on the bbq trailer). and then reverse is good for fruit and vegetables. My current kitchen isn't great on counter space so the 14x15 would probably be about as big as I can go (they make larger).

Thoughts? features not worth going side grain instead of end grain? I even found a place (restaurant equipment solutions? haven't searched to see their reputation yet) that has it for 89 plus 25 shipping, pretty cheap. was thinking one as a christmas gift to the same buddy that got the knife.

Thanks all.


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