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I have to step in on @eastshores defense. Florida is an entirely different animal in house construction. We get these things called hurricanes. You want as little openings in the roof as possible. Like he said, almost all kitchens in FL are electric and recirculate vent stovetop (newer ones can have some good filtration). There are actually a lot of bathrooms that only vent to the attic.

As far as the actual question. I had a GE Profile convection microwave combo from 2005. The convection oven worked great, but took as long to preheat and used more energy than the regular oven (even though that was convection too). Baked goods did cook better in it though. I would use it mostly for big holiday gatherings.

The newer convection/mictowave hybrids I believe are better now, but I have not personally used one. I would consider getting another
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