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Good grief! I almost enrolled to one here in Tx. I knew there was something wrong about it.
The interviewer and the finance people assured me that yes the expense was equated with buying
a "car" yet the debt and education they were offering would pay itself off and last longer than the car.
I got a tour of the place which was exciting but I never got to actually talk to an instructor ( A Chef).
The interviewer asked me what I was doing for a living at the time which was salvaging material for resale,
They managed to make me feel like shit for something I felt proud of.
This is a nasty part of psychology that they are trained to use too sell you their product.
( oh you work at Mcdonalds.......How sad!)

I was 30 at the time (Grampa age ;) ) But i feel for the younger people who just got out of high school and got straight gipped!

The company paying for the rights to Le cordon bleu's name was just collecting notes of debt from young people
who had their whole lives to pay for the debt......Working for Mcdonalds.

I would have been in my mid to late 50s to pay it off (if I was lucky) had I taken that debt.
Jesus help us all.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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