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Since we were closed on the 1st it was a lot easier than usual to do inventory. I went in around nine in the evening and finished around midnight (what can I say? I'm a nite owl). Of all the parts of my job the office parts are my least favorite, and inventory is my least favorite office job. It always makes me feel like the survivor of a disaster movie or the only human alive on an alien planet. Still I try to embrace it each time. An accurate count is necessary of course, but beyond that I always feel more in touch with the place. There's a story to every box, bottle, can and hunk of meat. I see features yet to come and brainstorm how to use up those odds and ends.

Still it's especially poignant when it's the end of year count. How did the year go? Where will the next one lead me? Did we achieve what we tried to do in 2016? What can we do better? There's also, for me, this odd sense of anti-climax. The holiday season is always balls-to-the-wall with little time for reflection. Just a mad dash through the holidays into the new year. Then it sort of stops! The Xmas songs (which I hate) still leave pangs with their absence. After a month or two of every night being special it's now the 'morning after'. Sure, there are weekends, sporting events, etc but not a lot of restaurant events til V-Day.

Does the final count of the year make anyone else melancholy or is it just me?:eek:
Great post.
Yes, alone in the restaurant, only the dining room music playing, middle of the night. There is a melancholy mixed with hope. It's a strange feeling but one that I have come to enjoy as a right of passage to the new year.

Thanks for posting that. This not something that one would ever find in a textbook or on the food network.

My NYE was smooth. A little under booked but still a profitable and smooth night. I was proud of the food we put out.

Happy new year to all.
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