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Move on if the new position is offered?

  • Yes.

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  • No, stay a while longer.

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I have to respectfully disagree with ChefBubba. He's generally correct, that you should stay in a job a minimum of 1 year, in order to cook the seasons and be respectful of your chef's time and energy training you.

However, I see a couple of things that make me think twice about where you currently work:

You don't want to cook BBQ for your should be cooking the type of food that you want to cook and learning how to do that. There is nothing wrong with cooking BBQ if that is what your ambition is...if you wanted to open a BBQ restaurant someday, or be the chef of a BBQ restaurant, I would say stay where you are. If not, well, then why work there?

You don't cook from scratch. Big red flag for probably don't have a chef at the helm (I mean a real, true chef that is going to push you and teach you), or at least not a very good/motivated one. How are you going to learn to cook by opening packets and cans?

If you aren't learning and growing and aren't cooking what you want to learn to cook, that should be enough to move on. Don't worry about the money (if you can) and make sure that the place you staged at is the place you want to stay for a while. Everyone needs a formative kitchen experience, the one place where you learn the ropes and the "bones" of cooking, and this could be your place.

If your potential chef asks you why have you "job hopped" so much the last 3 years, be honest. Tell them you were trying to gain enough experience to get a job in a "real" from scratch, high end kitchen and that you would be committed to staying at your new job for a long time.
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