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August 2015 Challenge - Eggplant

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The species of nightshade grown for its' edible fruit comes in as this month's food challenge.

Give me your best shot!!!
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I like to cut them up into pieces so that they almost look like little steaks.

Then I lightly coat them with some olive oil and put salt and pepper and some BBQ spice.

Put them on the BBQ and grill just like you would a steak. It is delicious.

I never thought about BBQ sauce. I have smoked them before. Can't let them go to long, just a little smoke flavor is great when you mix them with other ingredients.

Over the last couple of years, I've developed a friendship with Nikhil. A vendor who sets up at one of our suburban farmers markets. He was a well known chef consultant in India.

He has a big following at the market. He will give me a call if he happens to retrieve above average produce picked that day when out on his hunt.

He get fresh coconuts flown in and he makes his own milk. He has a source for fresh picked hydroponic ginger. He also has a great source for spices and seeds. He has taught me

to make one of his favorite blends.

Seeds, mix of cumin,nigella,and sesame. all equal parts. I hand grind equal parts fenugreek,chili powder, coriander and turmeric.

One of the dishes we've made many times at my house is his eggplant. It's quick. cook the baby eggplant in oil until golden. set aside, pan tilted to drain any liquid.

Then in a separate pan, cook seeds in oil, add some garlic, onions, ginger,Cook a bit.

then some jwala(careful hot!), When the oil starts to separate we add ketchup (he makes it with the spices and a tomato puree) Add that and cook it down some. Back in with the eggplant

and simmer for a bit then stir in the fresh coconut milk until it is mixed and lightened in color. OMGosh. Made this a week ago. No pics though. It will be made again before the challenge is over.
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