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August 2015 Challenge - Eggplant

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The species of nightshade grown for its' edible fruit comes in as this month's food challenge.

Give me your best shot!!!
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Not the star, but eggplant pizza is quite tasty.

My 3yr. old helper making fresh bread crumbs for the eggplant slices -

1/4" slices fresh outs de oven

Assemblage -

Quick one before it's gone -

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He's my grandson and we have him three days a week, but they live next door so we see him every day. He helped me build the chicken coop, fix the tractor, the wheelbarrow, hammer nails down. He can cut up fruit with a plastic knife too. Hopefully he takes a shine to cooking when he's older. Two more years and he starts school I'll probably get a part time job then. He stands to inherit some nice toys - I mean tools. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
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Yeah me too and eggplant are cheap at the farm - $1 each.  I have a plan . . . stay tuned.  
I made a terrine of roasted eggplant with a layer of goat cheese in the middle and served with a tomato sauce with a good amount of celery and garlic. The roasted eggplant is mixed with egg yolks, Pecorino, beaten egg white and bread crumbs. The loaf pan is buttered and dusted with bread crumbs then lined with the eggplant slices and filled with the mix. This is really good and has great texture almost like a stuffing.

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Yes, nice and cheap and big. Hasn't cracked yet (1.5 years). I wipe it with beeswax/mineral oil whenever it looks dry
I have the same one - love it. I wipe it down with cheap vodka and use mineral oil when it's thirsty. Really hard to beat the price on these.
Congratulations KK - looking forward to your picking the next challenge. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif
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