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Automatic Coffee Machines for Home

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Hello all, I know the forte of the forums is not coffee but I'm trying to gather more information as possible from professionals about automatic machines for home espresso brewing, any baristas around?

I'm considering to purchase machines like a Delonghi Magnifica, which is not cheap, but I wonder if it is worth the budget effort or it is more interesting to invest this same amount purchasing a set up - grinder and brewer separated. Thank you! 
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Is always better to purchase both things separately, but if you can't afford is fine to stick for a while with something like that. De'Longhis are not the best but they can do the job for you.

ps.: some retailers sell it on promo just be careful to know whether they are worth it or not (refurbished for instance)
A lot of retailers offer packages where you get the espresso machine with a standalone grinder thrown in. This is a much better option.

Back in the 80's, electronic manufacturers came out with a television and video player all in one. The idea was great, but the reality was that if the video player broke down, you were without the television while it was being fixed.
This also plays into the general rule of "the more moving parts, the more likely it will break down"

Overall rules for coffee?
Make sure everything is clean! Keep your machine spotless and backwash at least once a week with chemical cleaner.

Grind only the amount of beans you need at the time.

Until you are confident, use a milk thermometer when steaming milk. Your milk should be "soupy", not frothy. Drawing the milk takes practice, but there are videos online to show you how.

Using good quality beans and milk will give you a better result.

Good luck
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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