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Baby Food Challenge

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Let's see what you've got! Im trying to find out if offering fresh baby food with the kiddie menu is feasible. I know how it feels to go to a restaurant with a baby who eats solids and there is nothing really you can pop in his mouth but the bread. So lets see what you would do if someone walked into your restaurant and wanted baby food too. I thought pureed steamed veggies might be a good idea or even pureed fruit. Haven't thought of anything with meat yet for older babies.
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I remember that stage with my kids-not fun. If I were you I'd take a cue from the baby food products in the grocery store : cubed meat , cubed carrots, cubed potatoes, green beans cut into small peices, all cooked til very soft and without the preservatives that the jar on the shelf at the store has. Good Luck.
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