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It,s pretty scary to think that some foods are being manipulated so much that they not even destroy the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria.

some of the "good" bacterias that come to mind are the lactic acid producing bacterias that cause fermantation in milk products of all kinds. Pickles,sourkrout and yes even salami benifit from this strain of bacteria. many soya bean products from the orient develope with lactic acid bacteries.
Most bacteries don't work in tandom with eachother but one takes over as the acidty rises and feeds off the waste of the one before it (yummy huh) In dairy streptococcus (rememder serve safe?) start the fermantation and then are taken over by lactobacillus wich produce and can stand higher levels of lactic acid.
also a good bactereia is acetobactor (sp?)this produces acetic acid producing bactereas,This is what turns alcohol to vinager.
some bacteria even get along with molds and yeast to produce and develope surface ripened cheeses, Linom bacteria comes to mind when it develops the yummy aroma of Limburger cheese.

Many food producers have learned how to develope good bacterias in food,Like yogurt for example the milk is kept at 90 degrees witch allow strep,thermo and lacto bacterias to dominate the bad ones.

I hope some of this makes sence
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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