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Self Admittance, I'm a novice at pasta, but have been working to learn better how to work with it.

Now a day's I can get the egg pasta good, ravioli's made and boil them without a problem.

I was thinking about this recipe I assemble that's basically big shells filled with ricotta filling, and baked.  Which of course I always used store bought, dried shells.

Got me to thinking that ravioli is pretty much the same thing - just smaller and fully enclosed...  one could fill with the same mixture and go for it.

BUT when it comes to this fresh, thin pasta - should I boil them first for a few minutes?  Should I boil the fully assembled ravioli? Should I boil just the sheets first? Seems like they might be hard to fill after boiling if one only boiled the sheets. Or would you simply layer them in a glass baking dish, and bake like I would the big shells filled with cheese?

I would normally bake the shells for something like 30 minutes covered, then 15 to 20 uncovered adding cheese on top of whatever sort.
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