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The following is from The Complete Greek Cookbook by Theresa Yianilos



1 lb Phyllo/Filo

3 C or more chopped nuts: walnuts, pecans, almonds, pistachios or any combination desired
1/4 C sugar
1/2 t cinnamn
1 lemon, grated rind only
1/2 lb melted sweet butter or clarified salted butter
whole cloves or cassia buds

3 C sugar
2 C water
1/8 t cream of tartar
juice of one lemon
2 t rose or brandy flavoring or 1/4 C honey

Mix ingredients for filling, set aside.

Melt butter and clarify, keep in pan to reheat of it cools and doesnt flow easily while you're working with the phyllo/filo. Use pastry brush to oil generously the bottom and sides of a large rectangular baking pan. Cut phyllo/filo an inch larger than your pan. Use scissors.

Place sheet of phyllo/filo in pan and sprinkle lightly with warm butter. Place another sheet of phyllo/filo on top of the first sheet, and sprinkle lightly with butter atain. Continue until you have spread 6 or more sheets. Spread half of the filling, including the corners.

Cover with 6 or more sheets of phyllo/filo sprinkling with butter in between. Add remaining filling. Cover with remaining sheets, oiling between each one.

Roll edges and tuck inside of pan. Do not trim as you would do for a pie. Oil the top with remaining butter. Before baking, ct thru top layers only, into the traditional diamond shapes. Use a small sharp knife with a ruler to guide you.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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