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Originally Posted by SouxChef

Its the head chef and the GM who are EQUAL partner owners, but since day one they fight like cats and dogs. It all very uncomfortable...
There is no reason to subject yourself to such an environment. It is a no win situation and total b.s. Find a better work place.
... idk if i good enough to go anywhere else..
Don't listen to the negative voices in your head, remember this instead
Originally Posted by SouxChef

I work hard, i work fast and I work clean...I did a Stage for 1 day and got the job. He told me he normally stages for 2 weeks but that i was a beast on the line...
Find a positive place that will appreciate what you bring to the job. Those are good qualifications that are prized by any worthwhile chef that is looking for an employee.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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