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Well oven is fine and there are a couple of ways to achieve tender.  Braise low and slow after a good sear, or dry, hot and fast then oven off and keep the door closed for 2.5hrs. like eye of round.  This is a real piece of working meat with lots of collagen to break down.  Since you want to do it as a "roast" and not sandwich sliced I'd go for the low and slow.  

I agree with KK about Italian sandwich style which I'm fond of for this cut.  I usually inject a marinade all over.  But you can simply season with salt, pepper and what ever else then onto a baking pan and into a 500 degree oven, reduce to 450 and roast for 7 minutes per pound - 21 min. for a 3lb. roast.  Turn off the oven and don't go near that door for two hours.  That should put you in the medium rare zone.  At the end of that time the roast will be completely rested so if you need to heat it up you will not have to rest it again.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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