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beer stock

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I'm doing a chili competition in a week.  I was going to use a stout and beef stock as my liquid component.  But instead of reducing beer and beef stock down,  I was thinking I can skip a step and make the beef stock with beer instead of water.  

Crazy?  Or crazy smart?
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To much beer in chili isn't good either... for 2 pounds of meat I pour in a 12 ounce bottle of good ale(not an IPA the hops are to bitter) or a lager(which I rarely have since I don't brew them). I add enough liquid to cover the meat after it is browned well. Usually water then I add beef Better than Bullion to taste.

Brown your initial chili powder addition when the meat is done and you will add an amazing depth of flavor to the chili!
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Normally beans and other veg are forbidden for chili contests...
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