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Best books to read?

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What are some of the best books you should read during down time that will help you improve your cooking
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I was down a few times in my career. I found I most enjoyed volume over quality. I would enlist my M-I-L, neighbors, anybody who asked how I was doing and do you need something? My response was always the same, stop at any garage sale, good will or thrift store and buy me as many cookbooks for a quarter they could carry. I once spent 7 months in therapy and only left the house for treatment. I would keep rolls of quarters and give them to anyone who dropped by.

I would go through the good and the bad books or magazines and usually find something I stored in my head for the future. I also found the older the read the more I learned. I especially like the books written by Social, Community, and Fund Raising Groups.

Just sayin
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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