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Best books to read?

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What are some of the best books you should read during down time that will help you improve your cooking
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Peterson and Pepin should be on the list. Lots of great technique and fundamentals to work wtih. 

Phaidon press  has a long list of BIG THICK ethnic cookbooks that I've found enjoyable. The Silver Spoon (Italian cuisine)is very terse and assumes you know how to do things, but I like it. I Know How to Cook (French cuisine) is one I bounced off pretty hard. But that's true of French Cuisine and me in general.  Vifa's Kitchen (Greek) quite good imho (but Diane Kochilas is better) 1000 Recipes (Spanish cuisine) I enjoyed but I don't feel competent enough of Spanish Cuisine to decide on quality--some tricky ingredients to source properly as well. I've cooked from The Lebanese Kitchen and enjoyed it, but have yet to open my copy of Mexico: The Cookbook. They also have Indian and Thai books I've not looked at. 
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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