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Best books to read?

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What are some of the best books you should read during down time that will help you improve your cooking
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These are usually my first go to when am stumped dealing with a new ingredient.

Being a sight learner, youtube has become manna from heaven when I cannot get a technique down.


My JOC is a very old addition....the link takes you to one of many "updated" versions.

Your choice....

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@Panini ....

I also love what I call the Garden Club/Jr League cookbooks!

Lady Bird wrote "Potluck on the Perdinales" and while the number of recipes (IMO) are a bit scanty.....I found a few oldies but goodies!

Picked it up at LBJ's prez library....gosh prolly 10 years ago.

Speaking of which it is being remodeled and the scuttlebutt  is it now contains some pretty good declassified Cold War correspondence.

Need to get up to Austin and snoop lol.

Have you been over to SMU to tour Bush the younger's collection?

Heard it was pretty darn good.

When I do make it will def stop by for that cuppa joe lol.

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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