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best meat for hamburgers?

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im a really passionate about hamburgers, really love it. I once used entrecote and it was amazing! do u have any suggestions?
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This is very interesting. My first thought ... not at all to bust chops ... but is “preferred” the same as “common”?!? 80-20 I believe is the most common; maybe that makes it the most preferred. My choice for everything being made of a ground meat is 85-15. Anyone using 70-30 is either poor or cheap. Anything less than 15% fat comes out too dry and doesn’t show it’s flavor very well. And ... it’s too expensive.

I’m not sure the choice of meat is as important as the seasonings used and the proper cooking of that burger. I think using all those fancy meats just pushes the $$$ too much for a burger. I’m happy eating the brisket and rib for what they are. I’m sure as sure not going to use any rib-eye for a burger. Now on the other hand ... using scrap trim of those fancy meats is just fine. Use’em when you got’em.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts