A shaping twist on the babka from Maggie Glezer [product="16665"]A Blessing Of Bread The Many Rich Traditions Of Jewish Bread Baking Around The World [/product]

Starter in containers

This is the same babka formula we have visited before, in 2 new shapes.

Dough rising in pan

The first is babka as pan loaf.

Dough rolled into a flat rectangle

The dough gets rolled out to about 1/4" thick. THe trick is to make sure the sough is not too thin. Lest the filling poke through.

Dough covered in filling

Schmeared with a butter, cocoa and sugar mix. The a layer of raisins, chocolate chunks and walnuts.

Dough rolled up with filling

Rolled and read for the pan.

Dough rolled into a flat circle

In the second part of out adventure, the dough is rolled into a round this time, about 1/4" thick.

Dough cut in half and covered in filling

Cut in half, it gets the same schmear as the pan loaf.

Dough rolled up with filling

Starting at the round edge, it gets rolled up. With any luck, the strands are tapered.

Rolled up dough folded in half and twisted

The tapered strands get twisted into "tear drops".

Two twisted pieces of dough combined into one

Here's where the wheels came off. This is supposed to look like the Yin/Yang symbol. Not Even Close!

Baked loafs

They both bake for about 50 minutes and get nice and deeply brown.

Loaf cut in half with swirled center

In both cases...

Twisted loaf cut in half with filling

...while they may not have earned shaping awards, they taste pretty damned good!