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biggest kitchen disasters

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Lets hear the dumbest mistakes you guys have made in the kitchen. Messes, cuts, 86s. There's room for all of it here.

I'll start.
At one of my first line jobs (must have been 16 at the oldest) a fellow cook and I decided the kitchen was filthy, and after days of pestering we got permission from the owner to stay late and deep clean. We weren't messing around. Attached a garden hose with a sprayer to the dish sink and went to town. We pulled apart the entire dry storage, pulled all the shelves outside. Scrubbing behind the stoves (not on wheels) ECT ECT. Well 3 am rolls around and we're getting ready to mop and leave. That's when my coworker looked at the floor. At the same moment we both realize that the water we assumed was flowing into a floor drain was actually flooding the kitchen and had started invading the dining room. And to make matters worse the dining room had carpet floors.

We both rallied as hard as we could. Dragging as much water as possible out of the carpet with a shop vac. We turned the ceiling fans on high and pointed all the other fans we could find at the wet spot, which was by now about 300 square feet. Then we went to town on the kitchen floors that now held about 1.5 inches of horribly greasy water. I dont know how we got it all done. What I do remember is taking the first sips of coffee at the diner across the street as we watched the morning prep guy pull into the parking lot at 530.
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