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For any of y'all that have had biscuits on a menu, how do you deal with them for service?

I'm worried if I make the dough and cut them out to cook to order, they'll dry out and they won't rise well because as soon as the buttermilk hits the rising agents, it's a race against time.

But, I'm not overly keen on freezing them and cooking them to order from frozen either. As they'll take longer to cook and they still won't rise as well.

I was thinking I could make them up beforehand and just keep them in a bowl covered with a towel and split/smother/serve as required. That kindof feels like cheating though.

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Perhaps one of our knowledgeable bakers will chime in but I'll reply so your post doesn't get passed over.
I don't see a problem with making beforehand covered in a towel. Biscuits hold up well for service. Being prepared for service is always a good idea, not cheating.
baking biscuits to order is not sensible. bake em every day before service.
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Ended up making them about 15 minutes before service. It worked pretty well.... I wish there was a way to recreate the freshness and piping hotness of straight out of the oven though.
I may have related this story before. Not actually all that pertinent to this topic, but forgive me, you don't have to read it.

Long ago, circa 1970, I was an active caver in the midwest, lived in Indiana, did lots of exploring in Kentucky and Tennessee. One year, senior in high school or freshman, around that time of my life, don't remember exactly. Went on a two week trip with a group of us, 8 all told. We had been out in the woods for about two weeks, living on that new fangled freeze dried stuff, some canned soups, and cut leaf chewing tobacco. Heading back home, we drive by a place, something like Mary's Kitchen, which was offering a $4.99 all you can eat family style lunch. We were craving real food. We stopped. We went in and got seated.

Now mind you this was a group of late teen, early 20s, active young men. The first batch of biscuits arrived in a basket lined with a red and white checkered cloth. About two hours later the last batch of biscuits arrived on the baking sheet and were just dumped on the tablecloth. I imagine the boys and I downed well over 100 biscuits during the course of that meal, Probably the most food I have ever eaten at one sitting.

Anyway, we finally get our fill of ham, fried chicken, green beans, corn, mashed taters and such. From where I was sitting at the table, I could see the kitchen staff poking their heads around the corner, in awe at the fact that we were still there, still eating.

So we go to settle the bill. Mary, the owner, says in her sweet Southern drawl " I do declah, I have nevah seen boys eat as much as all ya'll. I am afraid I am going to have to charge you 50 cent extra a person." Of course we gladly paid, and walked out fat and happy after leaving like an 80% tip. Quite the meal, and those made to order biscuits were superb.


ps: As mentioned, probably the most I have ever eaten at one sitting. The most I ever ate in one day was April 1st, 1977, which is a long story for another day.
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