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Blue Pepsi and Vanilla Coke??

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I certainly would try Vanilla coke but never Blue pepsi!

How about you? :eek:
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Not either one, not ever. Yuck. In this, yes, I AM a snob.
How would blue fries go with purple or green ketchup? Maybe the idea is the more disgusting to adults a product is, the more kids will want it. Fine; let the kids earn the money to buy it.
Kimmie -- I understand that by "blue chip" you mean what we down here call french fries, and I agree. However, blue potato crisps (chips to us southerners) are great! My favorite junk food company, Terra Chips, makes them as well as other potato and veggie chips, and they almost make me feel not guilty to eat them! (Althugh the Spiced Taro chips are my all-time favorites.)
Oh, I wasn't trying to correct you! I just figured that since we have people at different levels of experience and cultural knowledge, that whole "chip vs fry vs crisp" thing might need clarification. I'm sure there are times when I state something in "U. S. of A." terms (or even more narrowly, New York City terms), that might cause people to go :confused: :confused: Just give me a gentle kick in the shins if I do that, okay?
About once a year I get a craving for Coca Cola -- but only with fresh lemon. No idea why; must be some primal, tribal thing, to prove that I am a real American. Otherwise, I drink that sort of thing only when there is NOTHING else available (e.g., at a cousin's suburban house where the water is suspect).
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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