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Blue Pepsi and Vanilla Coke??

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I certainly would try Vanilla coke but never Blue pepsi!

How about you? :eek:
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I hate Pepsi anyway. Flavored Coke only tastes good if you do it fountain style - real vanilla added, or lots of sliced lemons for lemon coke. I am partial to a good cherry coke (grenadine or maraschino syrup) every once in a while - but the rest of that **** is nasty, nasty, nasty. It's like all the so called energy drinks - Red Bull, Merlin, RockStar- that distinct aftertaste of chemical crap, no matter what color they make it. A rep brought me some energy/caffeine concotion that was bright blue (!) - needless to say it dyed my tongue, and just like beets, was definitely noticeable exiting my system!:D (Sorry about that one)
You know what they call diet Pepsi and vodka - the supermodel
Red Bull and vodka - wide awake drunk
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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