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Cape Chef,

Oh boy is your wife lucky! Have a great time in beantown! Just off the top of my head my #1 pick would be Rialto in Cambridge, it is known as one of the more "romantic" places, though $$$. Another is Biba. If you go to I believe you can get menus, directions, ratings etc. The Boston Globe reviews restaurants weekly, I think you can look up the rating at the same web site. If any others come to mind after I think more about it, I'll let you know right away. I would choose to have Sunday brunch at the Harvest, also in Harvard Square Cambridge. just a very short subway ride from Boston so don't let hat turn you off! The square is also a great place to walk around, go down to the river, walk along and hold hands. Ok, I'm getting carried away. You might want to take in a show - also check What is her taste?

I went to that show last year - quite a spectacle! She will like it!

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The aquarium in Boston is outstanding, not only the fish are amazing but the display is extraordinary. If you have a few hours to spare don't miss it. And if you're hungry afterward there is a great sushi restaurant near by... ;)
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