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Cape Chef,

Oh boy is your wife lucky! Have a great time in beantown! Just off the top of my head my #1 pick would be Rialto in Cambridge, it is known as one of the more "romantic" places, though $$$. Another is Biba. If you go to I believe you can get menus, directions, ratings etc. The Boston Globe reviews restaurants weekly, I think you can look up the rating at the same web site. If any others come to mind after I think more about it, I'll let you know right away. I would choose to have Sunday brunch at the Harvest, also in Harvard Square Cambridge. just a very short subway ride from Boston so don't let hat turn you off! The square is also a great place to walk around, go down to the river, walk along and hold hands. Ok, I'm getting carried away. You might want to take in a show - also check What is her taste?

I went to that show last year - quite a spectacle! She will like it!

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Thank you so much for your post.
Those are some great idea's.
I am really looking forward to going!!
Thanks again
Thanks Sisi :)
Hi Guy's

For my wifes 40th birthday in March I am suprising her with a long weekend in beantown.She is a floral designer,so I am getting tickets to the internatial flower expo at the civic center for the 17/18 of march. I'm sure we'll hit Quincy market etc,But it's been over 10 years since we have been to Boston. I was hoping anyone who lives in Boston or around boston can reccomend a restaurant or two and maybe some special attractions etc. Any help would be much appreciated.

Has anyone eaten at Evoo ? I have been hearing some good comments.
How about Todd English? Or is he over the hill?
Lidia Shire, I think I would include Biba
Thanks for all your help folks :)
Thanks LoriB,

I feel the same way about English. He has a place in my area called Miramar. I have heard mixed reviews. anyway, I did check out today and got some good imfo. I did not see anything on Rialto though!! I will check again. I figure one nice dinner will do for Jill and I, The rest of the time I think we would be happy to just enjoy the city. It's funny when I went to J&W 78/80 I had freinds who went to B.U and B.C and we would head in to the city and party and just hang out in cambridge or Thanuiel Hall (sp)
That was a long time ago.
Lori...Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.

I'll report in when we come back
I think it will be walking for us.
We are staying at the swiss hotel,is there parking near by? I will go to on thursday and check out the globe. thanks for your help Lori!! I can't wait to visit "your town" :)
Dick,lori,KC...You guy's are great.

I really have some super options to consider.
Thank you all for your help!!! I'm sure Jill and I will have a few memorible meals.
I don't think a weekend will do though...Might have to make several journys to beantown :)
Hey folk's Another question.

We will be staying at the Charles street Inn.
Ever been there or heard of it?
I also heard there is a seafood show or convention or something? anyone know of it and where it might be held.
And I didn't relieze till today that it is St Patties day weekend !!!should be a blast.
any suggestions for a crazy place to throw back a stout?

Thanks agian

Thank you very much for your help.
A chef that used to work for me is somehow related to the chef at evo,so I was curiouse.
Heres the deal so far. friday night the 16th cocktails at # 9 park and dinner at the federalist. Saturday will be spent at the bay view for the Flower show and then maybe of for more cocktails at grill 23,8:00 rez at Radius and then 89 Krug in the hot tub with the wife ;). I think sunday will be a day to walk,hold hands and have food thrown at us at Durgun park,Maybe a visit to the mueseum in cambridge. something like that...Hows it sound?
to my new Beantown buds...

watch out, We will invade your town tommorow the 16th...Can't wait.Thanks all for your help and suggestions. I will report back on our weekend soon. :)
What a great weekend and what a great city is Boston....My wife says " My weekend in Boston was very special.for one, we stayed in one of the best Inns in town,not to mention the state,The Charlies street Inn. It was very historical.we happened to stay in the Julia ward Howe room. She wrote " the battle of the hymm republic" and the room was decorated in the finest antiques and the bathroom was elegant with a marble sink and vanity area. the tub had a jucuzzi :) very relaxing.The first night Friday we ate at the King and I,a local restaurant on Charles street.It is a Thai restuarant and the fare was not only delicious,but a good bargain as well. After dinner we took a walk down to Beacon street and went to "Cheers"the night before St. Patricks day and we met some great people there,talked ,drank and totally relaxed.Saturday, we went to "the flower and garden show" at the bayside Expo center. WOW...what an experence. It was unbelievable. It seemed to go on fore ever. It was beautifully layed out everthing from landscapes to florel designers and the like.Pretty much spent the day there,Lost Brad for a little, I felt like I had lost one of my kids...but I soon found him :) came back to oue exquisite room in which I felt like a princess in a luxary castle or manor. Relaxed,took a nice bubble bath etc :)
Got ready for the special dinner,out to "Radius" took a cab there.first we went to the bar and got a table in front of the window,we went there a little early..ordered a drink and then asked if we could be seated. I nice hostess named "Camille" seated us.We had a wonderful table..I think the best in the house..soon our waiter "Carlos" brought us the menu's and wine list..Brad was thumbing throught the wine list and I started to check out the menu.A nice warm crispy roll was served to us and we decided on our choices. I was going to have crab and truffle raviolies with micro greens and brad chose the torchon of foie gras as apps..for entrees I had the european turbot with truffles and pea tendrels ( i was in the mood for truffles)Brad ordered the roast veal loin with spatzel and smoked veal jus and crispy sweet breads over a wild mushroom ragout..carlos came to the table and told us that the oregon pinot blance brad ordered was not cold enough and poured us a flute of paul Roger Sir winston churchill to hold us over. It was wonderful..soon carlos came with another surprise.Tuna tartare with diced jicama,red pepper purre and egg emoulsion dots,,and topped with a healthy portion of osetra,Nice touch and very very good. Next came our apps and a perfectly chilled pinot blanc.Brad and I smiled our way through the apps and the wine he picked was perfect. Then came another suprise,a huge seared diver scallop with a tiny lentil pancake a touch of rendered bacon and a spidgene of escorole. It was like eating crispy butter :)
Next came our entrees of turbot and veal,with a nice Morgon to drink with it.The meal was truly exceptinal..we did not order dessert,But out came four different concoctions from the pastry chef..all we're to die for. I have to ask brad what they where.The chef/owner Micheal shlow(SP) came out to say high. He really has things going on..great food ,service and a very pretty restaurant.we then went back to our Inn,had a night cap and said gnite :)Sunday was spent at fanuil and having fun.Boston is a great city,with really nice people...if you go,don't forget Newberry street :)
Thanks bubby..
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