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Cape Chef,

Oh boy is your wife lucky! Have a great time in beantown! Just off the top of my head my #1 pick would be Rialto in Cambridge, it is known as one of the more "romantic" places, though $$$. Another is Biba. If you go to I believe you can get menus, directions, ratings etc. The Boston Globe reviews restaurants weekly, I think you can look up the rating at the same web site. If any others come to mind after I think more about it, I'll let you know right away. I would choose to have Sunday brunch at the Harvest, also in Harvard Square Cambridge. just a very short subway ride from Boston so don't let hat turn you off! The square is also a great place to walk around, go down to the river, walk along and hold hands. Ok, I'm getting carried away. You might want to take in a show - also check What is her taste?

I went to that show last year - quite a spectacle! She will like it!

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Lydia Shire at Biba has a good reputation, they had a big fire not too long ago, but have re-opened and I believe are doing fine. Jody Adams is the chef at Rialto - still one of my favs - I'm personally really tired of Todd English - I'm really sick of his face (did I say that?). Talk about chefs spreading themselves too thin .....but he has such a fat head, it probably balances out. I'm not being nice, I know. L'Espalier at the Four Seasons is REALLY nice, and $$$, Maison Robert is the place for French food. Legal Seafood is well know for - what else, really fresh fish. The Bay Tower Room is the place to go for a breathtaking view.

How many places can you hit in one weekend? I expect the full report when you return![/IMG]
Cape Chef,

I remember running into this problem with another friend visiting from out of town. At you have to specifically look under Cambridge to find Rialto - ditto for Harvest. Faneuil Hall is fun. If you can get the Thursday Boston Globe anywhere near you, it has a calendar section with oodles of things going on for the upcoming weekend. Cheap Eats in that section features less well known, but notable restaurants.

If I were you...I wouldn't plan on driving around Boston - the Big Dig is a real pain. Public transport or walking is the way to go. Don't forget it's windy here, so bundle up. (am I excited that your coming to "my" city? YES!!!!)
Oh, m'gosh! You HAVE to go to The Black Rose (if you can get in the door), right around Fanueil Hall. If you can't find a place to get the Globe for that week, e-mail me and I will get it to you - those drinkin' days are long gone for me, but have a blast! I still remember hoppin' with a friend through Boston on St. Patty's!

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Sounds like a great weekend! I want to be a tourist in Boston! I had many lunches at The King and I when I worked at Mass General - it was a great place even before Thai was trendy, been there a long time. I think I'll show your post to my husband (hint,hint!) Ya'll come back now - hear?
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