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bread as a utensil

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I'm looking for written information on how different cultures and culinary traditions have used and/or currently do use breads in place or in addition to utensils for eating. I have a feeling some cookbooks probably have short introductory sections that discuss this, but I don't know which. I'm especially curious about one--I think it's on flatbreads, but I'm not sure. It's written by a male/female couple, and I remember hearing them interviewed, but that's all I remember.
And I wasn't sure which forum made sense since this question isn't just about historical use or really about baking. So I chose this one as a compromise.

Any thoughts? :)
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Isa--You're amazing. That IS the book I was trying to think of. Isa and Suzanne--Do either of you own it? I understand that they talk about their travels, but do they say anything about these culture's using the breads as utensils?
Suzanne--thanks for "trenchers." Yes, it does seem to be the "southern" climates that go for this. Maybe northern sauces aren't worth sopping up? Or perhaps quick access to potential weapons is more important. ;)
Chiff--I love your father's term! I'll search it further (it has a rather direct bearing on what I'm trying to pull together. Which, by the way, is definitely NOT a dissertation :eek: ).
Phil--I think the tortilla and sandwich idea is interesting. I'm looking for examples of breads used to pick up foods that other cultures might use forks and spoons for, but the history of tortillas and sandwiches might be some sort of semi-permanent accomodation for that, morphing into their own "food."

Thanks again for your help. As always, this site is a great information resource as well as good company. :D
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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