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bread as a utensil

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I'm looking for written information on how different cultures and culinary traditions have used and/or currently do use breads in place or in addition to utensils for eating. I have a feeling some cookbooks probably have short introductory sections that discuss this, but I don't know which. I'm especially curious about one--I think it's on flatbreads, but I'm not sure. It's written by a male/female couple, and I remember hearing them interviewed, but that's all I remember.
And I wasn't sure which forum made sense since this question isn't just about historical use or really about baking. So I chose this one as a compromise.

Any thoughts? :)
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Ohh, I like that. The tortilla is one of my favorites. The Eithiopian Injera(?) always intrigued me. I personally use forms of tortillas, arepas and pitas all the time.

How 'bout pizza? Talk about origins! And I think Phatch has a valid point with the "sandwich."

That looks like a book to own. Yum!:)
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