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brunch ideas

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i'm needing ideas for sunday brunch. from labor day to mom's day, we do a brunch buffet with omelette bar, 2 entrees, breakfast item, sides and salad for 11.95. during the summer, business really drops off so we don't offer the buffet. this in turn pisses off our "regulars" (20 members) so i've decided to offer a prix fixe menu of 3-4 courses around the same price range. anyone have any menu ideas?

also i'm curious what others are doing to get the members to utilize the f&b outlets more. We have approx. 350 members
ranging from soc. memberships to golfing memberships. only about 100 actually use the f&b outlets. all members have a "food minimum", but we let this cover all their beverage purchases and the candy bars and junk that the kids charge to 'mums and daddums' when they're using the pool. any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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I love Brunch

salad or soup.....cold fruit cup, greens with fruit , yogurt with fruit and granola, cold gazpacho, cold avacado, cold vichysoisse

Crepes, omlets, stuffed chicken breasts

Absolutely a pastry/bread basket!!!!biscuits, croissants, pan a chocolat, muffins, etc....

desserts.....cakes, pie, ice cream, sorbet.....cookies
I can elaborate but need more input from you.
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