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The thing with food Processors is that either you have a uniform purée, or inconsistent chunks, with fine stuff at the bottom of the processor bowl, and coarser stuff near the top.

Kitchen aid food mixers have a grain mill attachment, but I have never used one, even though they are easy enough to find, and cheap enough to have a dedicated grinder for each variety. This might be a possibility.

The other option is very low tech, and was popular in European bakeries for grinding nuts, but I haven’t seen one here in N.America. All it is is two marble rollers running in tandem, nested in a hopper. You could adjust the gap between the rollers, so to get something fine you would run it coarse, then set the gap finer, then again finer. Dead simple and easy to clean, but I haven’t seen one for years.

Hope this gives you some ideas...
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