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Hi Everybody,

I need your help::::::::::

We are loaded this year with the most delectable peaches I have ever experienced, The harvest was unbelievably huge. The apple, grape, pear and plum harvests are also looking good.

I want to make a peach upside-down cake but not near at all as fat "n" sugar rich as most recipes of this type require. The texture should be half way between a Bonny Butter cake and a coffee cake. I read with great interest Betty R's post, "FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! That perfect yellow cake", and must say it is an astoundingly wonderful looking cake. However, what I need is something a bit coarser than that. I would put the fruit on the bottom and pour the batter on top. About 35 years ago I made something like this but did not take notes and now have completely forgotten what and how I did it.

I use all whole wheat flour for all of my baking needs that has been ground at time of need for maximum flavor. My hope is to serve it with milk and/or ice cream. .

Many thanks for your help.
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