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Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that ChefTalk is proud to be participating in the upcoming California Date Competition sponsored by the California Date Commission. The three preliminary judges were all ChefTalk affiliates (Jim Berman, Frank Chlumsky, and Michele Brown). I will be participating in the final round of judging in Palm Spring, CA November 19.

To read the full story check out either of the two links:

California Date Competition First Round Judging:

California Date Competition Final Judging:

If you are in the Palm Springs area (or close by) stop by the competition and look for me and I will have a ChefTalk mug for you!


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There is a really good article in TASTE
William Sonoma's new mag...Holiday issue
goes into the varieties and some really interesting techniques...Parsnip Date salad with meyer lemons Deborah Madison wrote the article....Nancy Silverton has an article,
This Mag is actually pretty good...better than many out now.
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