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Call or walk-in?

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Hello... first post here. just finished culinary school and am trying to get a job at a few restaurants close by in a small city (Pensacola, Fl). My question is "is it better to call, email or walk in and talk to the chef?" I would think face to face is best but I do not want to be intrusive either. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Also the places are not huge restaurants but more mid size with maybe 5-6 cooks and only open for dinner.

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I would walk in. Make sure you ask one of the servers, cooks, or even the dishwasher if this is a slow time for the Chef. If the opportunity

to meet the Chef, introduce yourself and explain you are just breaking into the field and just wanted to meet him or he.r Just to network a little because you've heard good things about them.
Excuse me chef. You are a peer. A bit different from someone looking to get a first job. Your perspective is different.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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