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Call or walk-in?

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Hello... first post here. just finished culinary school and am trying to get a job at a few restaurants close by in a small city (Pensacola, Fl). My question is "is it better to call, email or walk in and talk to the chef?" I would think face to face is best but I do not want to be intrusive either. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Also the places are not huge restaurants but more mid size with maybe 5-6 cooks and only open for dinner.

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From my point of view, a walk is no more intrusive into my day than a phone call. They both take the same amount of response time, however to me the walk in shows more initiative and effort. Neither method is a game changer nor deal breaker, just a first impression, but you only get one of those.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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