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Can't help but notice that most of the comments on Calphalon are basically "It's really great, but....."

I've got several of each and each of my three kids has several Calphalon pieces. (One has an elaborate set.). They all like them, but each one has had to send at least one piece back for replacement. The handles immediately get too hot to touch, in my experience (older handles), and I've had to throw out one similar, but different-brand - Magnalite - hard-anodized frying pan when an attempt to clean off some burnt food took the entire bottom coating right out of the pan. I didn't bother with trying for a replacement, as I didn't want that sort of utensil any more.

I have quite a few Magnalite Professional Stainless pieces, which are virtually the same as AllClad except the core is copper instead of almunium. Unfortunately they're not made any more. (So much for the lifetime guarantee, I guess.) The handles, of roll-formed stainless sheet strongly spot-welded to the pan, NEVER get even warm, let alone hot. The handles of the lids don't get hot, either, although I'm not sure why. I doubt if I would ever have a need to replace one of them.

I find that the several AllClad pieces I have work just as well as the MPS ones and, frankly, I would never consider getting another Calphalon or other hard-anodized utensil.

Did I mention, the Calphalons are a lot harder to clean, too.


on edit-

About cleaning: with all these high-conductivity utensils, it's not hard (at least for me) to get the pan too hot and scorch stuff onto the bottom of the pan. If Scotchbright pads won't take it off, the MPS instructions said to take a teaspoon of DISHWASHER detergent powder and simmer it in 1/4" of water in the pan. TURN THE VENT FAN ON HIGH FOR THIS. It's never failed for me with the MPS and the AllClad. (Why do I keep doing this over and over?)

Anyway, I would be scared to try this with a Calphalon or other hard-anodized piece.

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