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Cut and grind parmaggiano regiano.
Cut and shred swiss cheese.
Rice noodles for pho.
Linguine for schnitzel plate (?what?).
Jasmine rice.
Egg noodles for Calamari app.
Peel, cut, and blanch carrots.
Cut broccoli into individual florets, then blanch.
Trim and blanch haricourt vert.
Quarter and blanch baby bok choy.
Mince garlic and shallots.
Chop cilantro and Thai basil.
Slice and saute leeks.
Saute and season cherry tomato varieties.
Slice calamari "steaks" and marinate.
Make sweet chili sauce mix for calamari.;
Pickle red onion slices in red wine vinegar.
Slice ham rounds for eggs benedict.
Hollandaise from scratch for ^^^.
Peel, slice, and blanch Yukon gold potatoes.
Keep flank steak defrosted and on hand for pho.
Make pho broth.
Make curry sauce for vegan plate.
Clarify 3lbs butter.
Replenish flour for calamari.
Replenish sugar for caramelized ribs.
Slice and bake stale french bread for croutons for French Onion Soup.
Lobster bisque.

Line work (Tix start printing):

Saute carrots, broccoli, haricourt vert, and baby bok choy, with garlic and shallots.
Saute potatoes in clarified butter, finish with truffle oil and leeks.
Plate above.
Heat pho noodles, heat pho broth, slice flank steak, blanch steak in broth, sauce, dress in cilantro, basil, top with bean sprouts and marinated onions.
Bread and fry calamari slices, heat egg noodles, sauce, plate.
Poach eggs, toast english muffins, grill ham, season and heat lump crab, and prep smoked salmon for Eggs Norfolk (benedict variation). Plate.
French fries!!
Vegan plate: chop and slice shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, carrots, haricourt vert, fresh ginger, and tofu. Heat in curry sauce. ON THE FLY. Plate.
Heat onion soup, place croutons, spread swiss cheese, and into the salamander to caramelize.
Heat and serve any of 5 different soups.

Special orders:
Seafood pho: large dice any available fish and prep as above.
Chicken tenders: run and get chicken tenderloins, season, bread, eggwash, fry, and present.
Stir-fry veg: Shiitake, celery, carrots, haricourt vert, ginger, bok choy, broccoli, ON THE FLY.

Clean: stove, chargrill, salamander, fryolator, cold hold prep table, steam table, microwave, shelving.


This is not to mention any of the myriad problems we experience daily in this world of Kitchen we exist in. And I'm positive I've missed a couple of other duties I've missed.




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Reading your post should make you proud, tired, both?
What other place do you get to practice your talent every day to get better....and get paid to do it?
We are artists, even if we don't have to starve.

Onward ho!

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....I've had worse :p

Seriously though, that's a lot of prep. When I was a line cook, I would kind of work big in the beginning of the week and then have my week get easier (prep wise) the closer I got to my days off. So like, my first day back from my days off (whatever they may be) I would hit the ground running with a BIG prep day. Lots of your stuff looks like it can be made in batches and rationed out all week...things like chili sauce, calamari dredge, clarified butter, pho broth, pickles, grated cheese, etc can all be done in large batches that will last several days. Make calamari dredge in like a 5 gal bucket and just pull from that. Once you knock out some of the larger prep items the list gets a lot smaller.

Some things have to be done every day, I get that. You don't want to chop shallots/garlic, herbs, etc. in batches. That needs to be done probably right before service.

Go big on your veg prep. Cut a shitload of broccoli florets at a time (like, 3-4x as much as you need for a night) just only blanch what you'll need for the service. If you cut only once or twice a week, but blanch everyday, it becomes a lot more manageable. Same with leeks, carrots, bok choy, etc. Trim the whole case of haricot vert, but only blanch what you need for 1 day. Set yourself up for the next day.

Do things in groups. Blanch all your stuff at once. Cut all your veg at once. Cook all your pasta at once.

A lot of times the entremet station is one of the hardest in terms of volume. Remembering what garnish goes with what entree, the sheer amount of veg and starch work, herb and aromat chopping, etc. It can and usually is a tough station.

I can't recall a line cook job where I felt that the workload wasn't just slightly too much. The trick is to stay organized and focused and try to set yourself up for future success as much as possible.
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