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Can you freeze passionfruit tart??

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Hi all,

I'm making some desserts for a birthday party in May but unfortunately I'll be on holidays for two weeks before the party so I need to get them done now and freeze them. So far I'm planning:

- a baked chocolate cheesecake (which apparently freezes well);

- a blackcurrant delice (which is a bit of a gamble but as it has to be chilled/frozen for several hours before the glaze is added I presume once I don't allow it to defrost when adding the glaze I can refreeze it quickly and keep it for for a couple of weeks without altering the texture);

-a passion fruit tart (which I can't figure out whether it can be frozen or not).

I'm planning a similar filling mix to a classic lemon tart (eggs, cream etc.) but with passionfruit instead of lemon. Opinions seem to differ online as to how well a lemon tart can be frozen but I'm pretty sure I recall doing it successfully in the past. I'm hoping a passion fruit version will be similar...? I might also add a meringue topping but I'll do that on the day once it has been defrosted.

If anyone has frozen any of these before I'd really appreciate your advice :)
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I'll check in here......I have doubts about all of these. 

I don't know about your references but experience has taught me some great lessons at some hefty prices.

Cheesecake made with cream cheese, eggs and sugar will not freeze well at all. It will thaw grainy.

Passion fruit will turn into a gelled mess when thawed and the lemon tart will fall apart into a gooey mess.
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