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Can you freeze passionfruit tart??

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Hi all,

I'm making some desserts for a birthday party in May but unfortunately I'll be on holidays for two weeks before the party so I need to get them done now and freeze them. So far I'm planning:

- a baked chocolate cheesecake (which apparently freezes well);

- a blackcurrant delice (which is a bit of a gamble but as it has to be chilled/frozen for several hours before the glaze is added I presume once I don't allow it to defrost when adding the glaze I can refreeze it quickly and keep it for for a couple of weeks without altering the texture);

-a passion fruit tart (which I can't figure out whether it can be frozen or not).

I'm planning a similar filling mix to a classic lemon tart (eggs, cream etc.) but with passionfruit instead of lemon. Opinions seem to differ online as to how well a lemon tart can be frozen but I'm pretty sure I recall doing it successfully in the past. I'm hoping a passion fruit version will be similar...? I might also add a meringue topping but I'll do that on the day once it has been defrosted.

If anyone has frozen any of these before I'd really appreciate your advice :)
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don't freeze anything....start every morning from scratch.
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